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Disabled User Demonstrations

Live in the life of a Disabled user, engage with a Disabled User Demonstration from Koneri Associates and see how you can make things better.

At Koneri Associates we understand that the obstacles and challenges disabled individuals face each and every day may not always be as apparent to you as they are to the individual in question; and for this reason we offer demonstrations as part of our consulting services.

Some of you might be curious as to what exactly we are talking about. To give you an example our director, Frankie Conelly, likes to do her shopping in person when the opportunity presents itself and one of the challenges she faces, regardless of whether she is using her manual or her power wheelchair is the fact that shops often like to place their merchandise in the middle of the pathway. Sometimes this can be just because the object in question is particularly large and as such in seems easier to place it on the floor so that customers can access it easily, oftentimes however, they can put a seemingly random shelf in the middle of the gangway, which can create a unexpected obstacle in a previously clear path.

Live in the life of a disabled user.

This is one of the reasons Koneri Associates are here, to help create a bridge of understanding between our clients and the disabled Community at large by helping them understand that just because something may seem easy or aesthetically pleasing, it may not always be the best choice as you may be unintentionally creating barriers for potential customers.