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About Us - Who are we exactly?

So who are we at Koneri Associates? What do we do for the disabled community? Here's where you can find out all about us.

At Koneri Associates we believe in striving towards independence for disabled individuals and it is our aim to provide disabled individuals and those around them with the information and tools they require to make this dream a reality.

The idea for our company was planted in our founders head by her colleagues after she completed her work experience. They commented that there were quite a few issues that individuals with physical disabilities faced of which they had previously been unaware. Such as the fact that some lift or door access buttons had been placed in slightly awkward positions which forced her to stretch or contort in order to reach them, and suggested that she might share her life experiences and knowledge with others in the hope the buildings and activities intended for public use might become more accessible to individuals like her.

Our founder took that idea and (metaphorically) ran with it and thus Koneri Associates came into existence.

Who are Koneri Associates?

Our founder realised however that the existence of a company with aims like inclusion and equality might bring terms such as ‘accessible’ into debate so we at Koneri Associates are big believers in adapting and showing our best selves and not giving in to what our founder calls ‘The Ideal World Hypothesis.’

The Ideal World Hypothesis is a term which illustrates an individual’s reluctance to do more than the bare minimum. In the past when our founder has expressed confusion over why a certain thing is the way it is she has often received the response of “Well... in an ideal world we’d do [this] and [this] and [this] but... There is always a a but.

We, here at Koneri Associates understand that things may not ever be perfect but we would like to teach others about how small changes can sometimes make a big difference. So, we encourage you to contact us today and find out how we can help you increase your business.

Let go of the Ideal World Hypothesis and start adapting today! You may just find yourselves better for it.